The Albion sails on course

  1. hello tumblr

    It seems like ages since ive been on twitter so im going to write a massive blog about lots of meaningless shit :) 

    Since ive last been on Myself and Lucia have put deposits down for our wedding on both the church and wedding reception. Also Lucias dad Niel Kellow has very kindly offered to pay for Lu’s wedding dress! I’m kinda glad were getting married at a church now i just think its right for a wedding, we have to start going to church every now and then on a Sunday which im honestly kind of looking forward to, you might think its sad but i find alot of it very interesting. So put the diary in your dates 29th September 2012! Don’t think ive ever looked forward to something as much as this! 

    So whats been going on?

    erm… i know have to wear glasses which i look kinda geeky but then its me so i dont give a fuck and i like em so meh 

    Jakes being a good boy but he’s growing up really fast, the other day he called me a little bugger and a piggy because Lucia told him i’d eaten all his cake. It was really funny but we didn’t even have any cake in the house! 

    what else?

    I hope you all watched the last episode of Dr who, if not then your a dick :)
    It was really quite good, i used to hate Matt Smith when he became the Doctor but i think he has really grown in to the roll. Maybe it was because i was such a fan of David Tennant?  

    On the subject of Dr who have you seen the new Dr who shop open in town up near spec-savers i was well excited and dragged Lucia in. I’m not afraid to admit it im a fucking geek but everybody has their own things mine just happens to be Dr who or harry potter haha.

    By the way if you didn’t know i’ve had  the deathly hallows sign tattoo’d on my arm! it had to be done 

    Anyway thats just some stuff that i wanted to talk about for now :)
    we are currently in the middle of playing Tomb raider : underworld,
    so im gonna get back to helping before Lucia goes mad and puts the controller through the TV screen! wuuussaahhhhhhhhh!

    peace out x 

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  3. Deathly hallows

    Deathly hallows

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  6. Jakey at stags ground!

    Jakey at stags ground!

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  8. Ideas ideas

    So recently ive been thinking about loads of things i want to do, and you know what im gonna start doing them.
    some seem pretty mad but i genuinely think they are do-able .
    I’m getting a lot of support from Lu and i think im a pretty strong minded person, i like to set myself challenges and who knows if at least one of my plans works i could make some money out if it which would be a bonus!

    anyway that’s all for now.

    peace out x

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  10. this weekend

    yeah its been pretty cool, Me Lucia and jake went to Mr and Mrs stuart and Emma munro’s wedding saturday afternoon which was nice :) we had to leave a little early but everybody involved did themselves proud. Later that evening we went to my mums house for dinner which ended up in most of the family coming round getting rather drunk and doing karaoke till 1am, I did the usuals Libertines,Beatles,Oasis,Smiths. pretty standard! 
    Lucia is now feeling it and asleep on the sofa! cant hack it no more lol.
    me and jake are watching the F1 he’s pretty taken with it.
    looks as though mclaren have threw the 1 2 away which is a shame.
    Think were gonna go up to Lu’s parents house when she gets back up.
    this was a boring post but then im pretty bored so im gonna get jakey to jump on Lu so we can go do stuff.

    peace x 

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  12. fucking july….

    This months been proper mad, we’ve had brilliant highs but everytime we do somebody tries to pull us down but were just gonna keep on fighting cos’ we know were right! we will bring jake up right, we will have a nice house, we will get married! regardless of what anyone says, and to the people who support us i really apreciate it :)

    in other news literally as ive been writing this ive been offered full time hours at the gym :D 

    too excited…..and hungry to carry on, will update later.

    peace suckers x 

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  14. from bad to very fucking good

    so had work today, sundays at work are the worst we never get anyone in and its so boring WRONG! its been fucking hectic! anything that could go wrong went wrong! gym full of people asking stupid questions, “can you turn the music up?” NO fuck off ive heard black eyed fucking pease 9 times already today!!!
    then i dont leave till like 20 mins late and its raining on the way home!

    but as soon as i open the door i have lucia dishing the dinner up! spaghetti and meatball! absolutley savaged it! i eat like a barbarian!

    and i find a note on the sofa adressed to ” my gorgeous fiance” «« thats me :D

    open it up and its only 2 tickets to HARRY FUCKING POTTER! for tomorrow night! so happy because didnt think we were going to be able to go for like another week!  


    very happy right now  <3 

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  16. tattoo jam :p

    Also decided me and the girlface will be going to this! its only in donny so will be pretty sick :)

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  18. POA for the evening

    eat chicken chow mein - check
    eat some more of lucias oreos - check :p
    yawn over facebook for a while - check
    write a mundane tumblr - check
    find myself a cool new haircut - TO DO
    start designing my new tattoo - TO DO
    play xbox till my eyes fall out - TO DO

    that is my plan for this fine eve,
    oh and genuinly thinking about getting one of these bad boys tattoo’d

    you know cos’ im obviously cool like that (y)


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